Our Story

HAPPY FURBABIES is an urban online boutique specialised in small dog breeds and inspired by a philosophy of sustainability and shared responsibility. It all started back in 2016, after going through a not so easy, time consuming journey of finding suitable pet supplies for our daily small dog life – with our two adorable Chihuahuas Yana & Butch (… you'll meet them in just a bit ) 

Frustrated by the lack of variety and inferior quality - concerned about the use of inadequate and synthetic materials and upset by overpricing pet shops - we embarked with HAPPY FURBABIES on a mission to prove that small dog life can be chic, natural and earth-friendly at affordable prices.


Yana is our 5-year-old princess – teacup in size but a barrel in spunk and courage - entirely fearless against all other dogs regardless of their usually superior size! An adorable extra wiggly tail-wagging primadonna, she asks to be lifted onto the sofa even when she can climb onto it. She relishes going out for walks but will plop down on the ground when she’s had enough and demands to be carried. Yana enjoys meeting new people and adores being the center of attention. She loves nestling on your chest, goes Zen for head rubs and bestows kisses to those she deem worthy - in her own time.

Butch is the baby of the bunch turning 2 soon. Almost twice Yana’s size, he is quite shy and insecure about the slippery parquet flooring (falling on his face when he sprints!). Yet he believes himself to be the family guard dog. He adores running in circles as fast as he can ( except in parquet flooring) – in the park, at the lake or on mountain hikes. He is a master destroyer when it comes to toys and a quick learner of new tricks. Plus, to our horror Butch enjoys rubbing himself - and especially his face - on anything stinky. Yet for all this ruggedness, he is the sweetest little booger, who demands belly rubs, steals slobby kisses and asks for lap cuddle time every chance he gets. 


The product assortment at HAPPY FURBABIES is intended to meet different aspects of small dog life – at home or away on the go. We design and craft our products together with carefully selected  partners in Asia and Europe that share the same passion and standard when it comes to materials and methods. And best of all, all our products have the HAPPY FURBABIES guarantee - meaning they were tested, approved and loved in real life by our in-house brand ambassadors Yana & Butch.  Because at HAPPY FURBABIES we don’t carry any products that are not accepted by the 'experts'. If we like it but Yana & Butch don’t, it doesn’t make the cut!


Our heart goes out to the less fortunate dogs who don’t get the home, love, and respect they truly deserve. We donate 5% of our profits to the Humane Society International to support their work in ending the dog meat trade in Asia and to support their campaign against canine cruelty and neglect in Europe.